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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nail Paints: Tips & Toes (No. 118 Mandate)

These days I am looking for earthy hues in nail paints and blushes. Thankfully I got to see nail paints from Faces and Tips & Toes that I hadn't seen until this weekend.

Faces- Nail Paints cost from INR 45 to 199 = $1.01 to 4.46. I tried only one earthy shade and I liked but I didn't buy because of the reason I found a nice beige shade in Color Bar and got confused. It happened in Big Bazaar. So if you're planning to buy Faces cosmetics, do check out Big Bazaar if you don't find it at your nearest shop or mall. For the records, I am gonna buy Faces nail paint the next time I'll visit Big Bazaar.

Today, I went to the nearest market for nail paint remover as I realized my old nail paints remover is about to finish. The shop had kept only Tips & Toes nail paints removers and nail paints. So I thought of giving Tips & Toes remover a shot and also decided to buy a nice shade from them.

Tips & Toes-  Tips & Toes has three ranges of nail paints starting from INR 40 to INR 85 = $.90 to $1.90. I didn't like any shade in range INR 40. I decided to buy one that I liked - No. 118 Mandate.

Tips & Toes 118 Mandate
INR 65 = $1.46

For a change, I like this earthy shade and gonna wear it the whole week long. I will soon update with its taken in chipping. That's an important update, isn't it!?!

So far...

I like -

* Consistency

* Long brush.

* Creamy finish. I like matte nail paints though.

* Shade IMO girls must have a nice earthy shade in their collection. This is one of them. 

*  It chipped after 2 days with the amount of work I do - dishes and laundry along with cleaning, bathing etc. So, I am very satisfied with this nail paint quality.

I don't like -

* Thin bristles.
I don't find any problem in applying the nail paint because of the consistency of the nail paint though.

* Shape of bottle.
Dunno why, but I don't like it.

I have been reading Marie Claire November Issue and they have got nice collection in "beauty" and useful readable articles. See my coming post.

P.S. I am feeling very lazy these days, especially when it comes to blogging. Does it happen with you!?!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Online Shopping: Lotus Herbal kit from Fashion and You

In my last post , I was blabbing about how I suddenly thought of investing my money in Lotus Herbal body moisturizer with SPF20. I know I can get more options when/if out in the market but I chose Lotus Herbal. Why!?! The need (not want) of a body moisturizer with SPF and destiny of Lotus Herbal (please rewind romantic flick Serendipity) because I noticed their body moisturizers in Marie Claire India November issue and then I noticed them on FashionAndYou with the added products. So I chose this kit:

Why!?! Because my current need list is like this:

1- Body Moisturizer with SPF
2- Body Scrub
3- Day Moisturizer with SPF
4- Cleansing Milk

My next pick could have been:

But it didn't meet the expectation of my Need-List so I dropped the idea.

I am actually trying to learn the shopping principles.

"Get what you Need so that your Wants don't make a whole in your pocket"

What's your current Need-List?


Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashion and You: Lotus Herbal Best Bets

Hi All, I keep checking out Fashion and You best deals. There are many but I have bought 5 times on FNU and never been disappointed. I have received Marie Claire November issue and Lotus Herbal body Moisturizers were everywhere. Yesterday night, while flipping through the pages I decided to buy Lotus Herbal Body moisturizer with SPF 20 and was deciding to hit the market tomorrow. But see what i got!?! I got the whole package of 5 products from Lotus Herbals. Rest of blabbing later: I hope many of you would get benefited if planning to buy something like these:

If you want something then don't wait and score your pick right now!!

Happy Shopping.

How does a sunscreen work?

I asked a question in my last post and that was because of a reason. Recently, I visited a well known parlour in Sector-18, NOIDA. I was getting my clean-up done; in the meanwhile, a lady asked about the best sunscreens and how to apply them. The head of the parlour said you should always apply your sunscreen under your moisturizer. I contradicted by saying that neither (sunscreen and moisturizer) would do their job and it should be done the other way round. Frankly speaking, I had no idea but I used my logical mind because of the studies I had done during my preparation for Medical Exams. But she went on and on about how she has graduated from so and so college abroad, whatever she know is correct etc. One more fact, it's the second time when I got this suggestion by the parlour. But I didn't give this discussion a piece of my anxious mind that time because I hardly cared.

Talking about the recent discussion; yes, I admit my knowledge stumbled a bit because of her position in that parlour, plus knowing her graduation degrees etc I was forced to give it an evening full of questions if she was right or my logic was right. I am glad that you all answered how I thought it to be. It also forced me to do a search on sunscreens and how they work.

How does a sunscreen work!?!

A sunscreen product acts like a very thin bulletproof vest, stopping the Ultraviolet (UV) photons before they can reach the skin and inflict damage. It contains organic sunscreen molecules that absorb UV and inorganic pigments that absorb, scatter and reflect UV. To deliver a high level of protection, a sunscreen product must have sufficient quantities of these protective agents and it must optimally deploy them over the skin's peaks and valleys.

The term SPF that appears on sunscreen labels stands for Sun Protection Factor, but it is really a sunburn protection factor. Products with a higher SPF allow fewer of the photons that produce sunburn to strike the skin. In simple terms, you can view an SPF 10 sunscreen as allowing 10 out of every 100 photons to reach the skin and an SPF 20 product as allowing only 5 out of every 100 photons to reach the skin. Because sunburn is primarily a UVB effect, it is possible for a sunscreen product to deliver high SPF while allowing a significant percentage of the incident UVA photons to reach the skin. To deliver true broad spectrum protection, products must also block a significant fraction of the UVA photons. In the U.S. market, this requires that the products contain significant levels of zinc oxide, avobenzone or titanium dioxide. read more here

A quick experiment on "how sunscreen works" :

Take a day-glow pen and draw a picture on your hand.

Put your hand underneath the UV light. What do you see?

Smear sun cream over half of the picture. on your hand and put your hand back under the UV light. What happens now?

Read here about what happens after putting sunscreen on the picture.

Most of us know how it happens. I am glad that I researched and got the logic.

Have you ever encountered wrong suggestions given by someone in parlour? What was that suggestion?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Questions: Sunscreen Lotion and Sunblock Creams

?? Do you prefer wearing you Sunscreen/sunblock over your moisturizer or under your moisturizer? Why?

BHCosmetics: Droolworthy Professional Palettes from Eyeshadows to Blushes

Hi All, I just came across BHCosmetics professional palettes and they have got me drooling. What i am actually interested in is :

Now what I am thinking if I should pay $ 72.26 = INR 3207.6 for these shades. My hand is itching to make the payment. But even then I have got you friends who can help me in this. I have made such payments in the past and have regretted so asking for help.

Plus, I am still in search of Pop-Beauty-Naked-Smolder-Eyeshadow-Palette and will be hunting until I get my hands on it.

So, what do your dearies think?

Also, check out their website BHCosmetics and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer:  I have no links with BHCosmetics. I just liked their palette and simply asking for honest opinions.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Remedy: Quickest and Best Tip for Anti-Aging

Source: Google Images
Source: instyle

 I am always in for home remedies. I am a sport for anything like this quick and easy yet very effective. I have just read about it but I can imagine how helpful it is gonna become for most of us who are lazy like me.


1- Ice Cube Tray
2- Apple Juice

How-to make?

1- Mix 1 cup apple Juice with 1 cup water.
2- Pour it in the ice tray and freeze.

How-to use?

1- Rub it on to your face.
2- Leave it for 10-15 minutes.
3- Wash-off.

What else I learnt?

You can make more ice cubes with watermelon juice, lemon juice, mint juice, rose water, milk, cucumber, oranges and what not! For me the best thing is damn-easy-to-apply.

Would you give it a try?

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