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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nail Paints: Tips & Toes (No. 118 Mandate)

These days I am looking for earthy hues in nail paints and blushes. Thankfully I got to see nail paints from Faces and Tips & Toes that I hadn't seen until this weekend.

Faces- Nail Paints cost from INR 45 to 199 = $1.01 to 4.46. I tried only one earthy shade and I liked but I didn't buy because of the reason I found a nice beige shade in Color Bar and got confused. It happened in Big Bazaar. So if you're planning to buy Faces cosmetics, do check out Big Bazaar if you don't find it at your nearest shop or mall. For the records, I am gonna buy Faces nail paint the next time I'll visit Big Bazaar.

Today, I went to the nearest market for nail paint remover as I realized my old nail paints remover is about to finish. The shop had kept only Tips & Toes nail paints removers and nail paints. So I thought of giving Tips & Toes remover a shot and also decided to buy a nice shade from them.

Tips & Toes-  Tips & Toes has three ranges of nail paints starting from INR 40 to INR 85 = $.90 to $1.90. I didn't like any shade in range INR 40. I decided to buy one that I liked - No. 118 Mandate.

Tips & Toes 118 Mandate
INR 65 = $1.46

For a change, I like this earthy shade and gonna wear it the whole week long. I will soon update with its taken in chipping. That's an important update, isn't it!?!

So far...

I like -

* Consistency

* Long brush.

* Creamy finish. I like matte nail paints though.

* Shade IMO girls must have a nice earthy shade in their collection. This is one of them. 

*  It chipped after 2 days with the amount of work I do - dishes and laundry along with cleaning, bathing etc. So, I am very satisfied with this nail paint quality.

I don't like -

* Thin bristles.
I don't find any problem in applying the nail paint because of the consistency of the nail paint though.

* Shape of bottle.
Dunno why, but I don't like it.

I have been reading Marie Claire November Issue and they have got nice collection in "beauty" and useful readable articles. See my coming post.

P.S. I am feeling very lazy these days, especially when it comes to blogging. Does it happen with you!?!



hey the color u have on looks awesome!

Faces nail paints are decently priced naa

It looks like a nice nude shade :)

@ Anju: thanks sweets.

@ Anamika: Yes they are decently priced and the consistency is very good.

@ Tanvi: Yes and I like it. :)


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