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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Facts about the beauty rituals of celebrities - Part I

Did you know...

... that Cleopatra bathed in Donkey's milk?

... that Cindy Crawford takes Vitamin Therapy injections for her wrinkle free face and glowng skin?

... that many Bollywood and Tollywood actors wash their faces with Champagne due to its antioxidants properties and many use coffee and chocolate to work on their cellulite?

... that Goat Intestine's therapy is being used to rejuvenate the skin?

... that Many Hollywood celebrities use Emu (bird) oil for the wrinkles. Emu Oil works wonders on wrinkles.

... that Sophia Loren regularly massages her skin with olive oil?

... that Michelle Yeoh simply rinses her face with lemon juice and water?

... that Shilpa Shetty's gorgeous skin is because of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil together?

... that Yana Gupta swigs gallons of coconut water and she owes it her glowing skin?

That's all for the part I. I'll save some for Part-II

P.S. I am off to bed and won't sleep until I figure it out that this is their skin routine. The key to our happiness is definitely a decent section of natural ingredients. I really don't want to get into what the truth is but reading all this makes me happy. :)

Hope you all enjoyed!!

Source: A TOI article by Purba Dutt

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to exfoliate your face mildly

Today I wanted to scrub and rub tomato on my face at the same time. I realized that you can use a little scrub on half cut tomato and rub. It won't be too harsh and I liked the after effect, mixed effects of scrub and tomato.

However, a question for experts:

Tomato is used to tighten the pores and scrub is used to remove dust and grime that means it opens the pores. Is it okay to use both at the same time the way I did? 

I really want to continue doing this. It didn't feel harsh on my face and easy to apply.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Hunk was so scared!!

This Sunday, on the eve of Dushehra, kids were busy enjoying crackers and Ravana was busy enjoying being centre of attraction. Between all this chaos, Hunk suddenly started scratching the main door and hitting his head. I got so scared and thought that he is angry with me but understood the whole drama was because of crackers and an entry to the house.See this picture how scared he is:

He tried hiding in every nook and corner but sadly he had to settle himself on my bed's corner being the coziest and the fact - there's no corner inside my house where he could hide.

I keep Hunk outside the house because he has ticks, he bites when we try to give him a shower, and bites when we put any spray or powder on to his body. So i had no option but keeping him outside my house i.e. my terrace.

He never misses a single chance to break into the house and for that he would push you as he did with me last night. He is very intelligent and understands only Love. He would never listen to me if I scold him and shout at him. His face expressions tells on my face " You're being rude, and I am not gonna listen to what you're saying".

The funniest thing he does is eating biscuits and breads being inside the house. He wouldn't even look at the biscuits thrown outside the house as he understands that the door will be closed right after he steps outside.

If he is all lovey dovey with me then he can do "this" for hours while I am watching TV or reading:

He would touch my legs with his face and rise his hump and stay in this position until I decide to do something else. This is how he expresses his love for me. He is adorable and I wish I could provide him the care he deserves. I ain't sure why he gets angry and violent when he even sniffs the medication around. My brother has already become a victim of this while he wanted to spray on his ticks.

So I have accepted him the way he is!! Love him the way he is. :)


Fashion and You: Hidesign Keychain

Fashion and You certainly has not only great deals but a wide range of variety from apparels to key chains, bedsheets to utensils and the variety goes on and on. So, I placed order randomly  for three products I liked:

1- Red bone (Click here for the actual post)
2- Kitchen products (Click here for the actual post)
3- Hidesign Elephant face key chain

I got key chain's delivery yesterday and I found it waiting in my room. Let's open the packet:

The packaging is very safe and big for this small cute thing.

Look at this red satin poch. It's a big draw-string pouch.

 This baby elephant is a bit bigger than what it appeared on the site.

I didn't know that it has little pocket when I ordered but I am liking it more because of that.

 It won't be with me for long. I am gonna give it to V and he'd like it for sure.

P.S. I am happy with Fashion and You people  because of their neat packaging and on time delivery.


If you are planning to buy Ballerina Pumps...

While I was blog cruising, I found a pair of Black Ballerina Pumps that looked awesome and was from store "Office". That pair reminded me of black leather and patent leather pumps in Carlton London.

They have 50 % discount sales and that's not UPTO 50%. One of my fav pairs that I had been wanting to buy but I ain't sure why I didn't and that pair is denim kitten heel pumps with denim bow. Something like this:

This is a bow on a strap but they have got only bow and that looks neat.

In their new arrival, they have got suede ankle shoes and sequinned animal print ballerina pumps (two pairs that I liked). Something like this:

The store I visted is located at Central market, New Delhi. If you want better collections of Carlton London then certainly visit Carlton London store at Centre Stage Mall, Sector-18.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping Tips: Get the best out of your shopping

Disclaimer: I am a shopaholic and an impulsive buyer. I never cared enough for such tips. However, these 5 tips have really helped me shopping in a healthy way, saving extra bucks and building a rapport with everyone involved with my shopping.

So, If you care enough-

1- Remember keeping the tags and bills at least for next three months.
Most of the stores would refund you or give you a store credit in case you think bought stuff is faulty.

2- Most of the stores give corporate discounts to the buyers.
You just have to check with your company for the list of the stores and the discount you’re entitled for. A famous India "company" gives 20% discounts to its employees in big stores, banks and medical stores.

3- Get the membership cards of your favorite stores.
Apart from giving you extra points that you can avail at any chosen time, you are also entitled for other benefits too; like Shoppers Stop gives free parking to its membership card holders. It really makes a difference when you have spent 4-5 hours in a shopping mall where parking fee is huge and per hour basis.

4- Be nice and honest to the Sales Staff. That means don’t beat around the bush and say what you want and what you don’t want.
They can help you get the best out of your shopping. It happens in some or the other way.

5- Being nice and polite to the Sales Staff can make them pushy.
“No thanks! I’d better see something else” said in an assertive manner would help. It would help you being un-impulsive while shopping. It's for people like me!!

Marie Claire: October 2010 (In pictures)

In my last post, I talked about the October edition of Marie Claire India. But that post lacked pictures and proper visual effect of what i wrote. I am gonna post the pictures of something that I liked and something that would fascinate all who like make-up.

The picture editorial

Here comes my favourite part!!

I can't imagine myself with a long wrap dress, may be because I think I ain't that tall. But yes, it definielty looks elegant and sexy. SO you can definitely wrap your saree on Diwali like the bottom extreme right corner, or match your brown saree with blue blouse like the model has displayed. Basically, I liked only the two of the lot.

Bohemian, I liked everything but the embroidered dress is something that is pushing me to think and think. I wanna get my own DIYed.

If you've ever noticed my side bar, a pair of leopard print ballerina flats are already in my wishlist. and i noticed that MC has also included it in their shopping list. Woohoo. Awww Satchel too...

For make-up lovers

And here comes, the Limited Edition!! I want to buy three things out of this limited collection...
1- Flower Power Cologne
2- Dupe of Dior Plum
3- Prismisseme Eyes Smokey Shimmer (because of the dots) by Givenchy

Without flash

With flash

And the best part if anyone is going to get  married, here comes the planner. Iam not sure when my bells are gonna ring but I am saving this planner until I comer across the better one and that "I doubt"

And today, I received the Elle India October 10 Edition. Guess who's behind the pink slip!?!

I have got the subscription of only two magazines. But I want to buy the subscription of as many magazines as I can... I am just too greedy.

So what did you like among all of these?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marie Claire India: October 2010 (All about Wedding and Bride)

I received my copy of Mariel Claire India a week back and wanted to do a post on that. Right now, it's gonna be introduciton to this edition.

On the cover page it's Deepika Padukone.

I am not into celebrities too much that i can comment on their appearance or anything. But yes, we all have right to love or hate a celebrity. I have always had a Love/ Hate relationship with Deepika Padukone. I either love her or dislike her (considering HATE to be a strong word to use for "anything"). I really don't like her in this picture because of what this edition is all about.

This edition talks about wedding, wedding plans, wedding make-up, wedding jewellery etc. Deepika doesn't flaunt it at all (at least in this picture).

There's a picture editorial in all issues of Marie Claire India that I have always, always loved in Marie Claire issues since they launched Marie Claire India. October 2010 editorial is all about the beautiful brides and their nervousness while they are getting ready. I love the moment when a father sees his daughter getting ready as a bride, dad notices his daughter all dressed-up as a bride and that look on dad's face makes me emotional. The toguhest part of a father's life when he has to control his emotions and he is the onle who sheds tears very first int he whole ceremony . The only fact is noone notices. (This feeling brigs tears in my eyes) Will you believe that I am holding my tears while writing this down. God, I'm choked.

There's another article about "what happened on your first night"? LOL The fun part of this MC issue. The funniest was groom's friends hid clocks with alarms set for every half an hour and clocks alarmed right on time. The cutest was when bride and groom sneaked in to a hotel room after dodging their friends and relatives. (I am assuming the family wasn't conservative at all cus relatives would go bananas if newly weds would do this in India)

There's something intesresting for make-up girls. The information about the limited editions of different cosmetic brands. I really don't remember the names, I would post it as soon as I reach home.

Plus, there's a lot more that i can writie it down here.


ASOS and Yesstyle Satchels

I have been wanting a satchel and haven't been able to spot one in the market but online. Of ourse I am not in mood to spend 4-5 grands so still waiting for an option this month, otherwise I'll place an order online.

Satchels under $100

$67.7 = INR 3000.0

$92.68 = INR 4106.9

$50.55 = INR 2240.0

Satchels under $30:

$ 30 = INR 1329.4

$ 30 = INR 1329.4

$28.0 = INR 1240.8

Do you like Satchels?


Nude Make-up look for Dusky complexion

I fi'd ever want to do make-up, it would be like this face:

Chitrangda Singh at the launch of Titan Raga: Aqua


Review: Ayur Orange & Lemon Peel Mask

Where I bought: A medical store, NOIDA

Price: Rs. 35 for 50g

What it looks like: 
Color of clay

Smells a bit chemically and strong smell of KaolinI have found this fragrance in many packs with Kaolin as an integral ingredient.

  Buy-Me Factor: * The clean lively aroma extracts of orange and lemon peel lift the spirit, dispel the sluggishness and indecision, relieves the skin *dunno what it means*

* Calming and energizing recommended for all skin types-teenage years, beauty and well-bing, reproduction year.

Active Ingredients:  Lemon: Analgesic
// Orange: invigorating and refreshing to the skin
// Kaolin: repairing effects. Kaolin has excellent absorbent qualities. These qualities are used to draw out impurities and toxins as they are electromagnetic charged and thereby clear the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollutions and other waste materials.

// Calamine: Soothing Effects
Use-Me Tips: It's a treatment mask. Good for removing tan and purifying the skin.

* Spread a thin layer after cleansing. Keep it for 5-7 minutes.
* Rub in circulatory movements. Wash off well.
* USe moisturizer twice to lubricate sking after the mask.

Expires After: Best before 12 months

What I like about it: *I get a soothing effect on my face after applying. (I use it after a tired day.)

* It has cooling properties as if you've applied mint on your face.

* It doesn't dry your face. (So, using moisturizer twice is kind of negative BUT use a nice hydrating  moisturizer or oil due to the absorbing quality of Kaolin. That absorbs the impurities, dust and extra oil on your face.)

* Since Use-me tips say that you are supposed to apply it on for 5-7 minutes, I chose it to keep in my handbag. Just in case!

I am sure many of us would prefer using face packs with soothing and cooling properties while travelling.

* Any Ayur products have never disappointed me so far but shampoo.

I still remember once I used Ayur shampoo. I was in shower and had to use one of the girl's Ayur shampoo because I ran out of my shampoo. It made my hair dry like straw. So i dread!!

What I don’t like about it: * I guess nothing about the face pack but what has been described on the tube (buy-me factors in red ). A few words don't make sense to me. (IMO)

 Indian Beauties can buy it here: Drugstores, Medical Stores

Buy it online here:

Would I buy it again: Yes, only because it's application time is 5-7 minutes and it does have soothing effects. This property is beneficial helpful for me because tireness affects my face more than my body. It shows!!

Other options to get rid of tireness on face is:
* Rose Water like Dabar Gulabari

* Splash of Cold water
*Wet Tissues
*Hydrating Sprays like Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Click here for more.



There's something about it!

I am fond of beautiful pictures like all of you and there are many pictures that remind of something or the other. Some good times and some bad times. So did this picture!! It makes me smile and takes me to my childhood times Because of three reasons:

1- This dress reminds me of my red frock (sans the bow) I loved and loved so much that i never worn but kept it "as it was". Sadly one day my mum gave it away as i had grown up and she thought that I didn't have any attachment to that frock. I was crushed and so was my mother: when she knew that that frock was always on my mind. I am really unsure why that frock was dear to me but as I have grown up more, I realize that we humans tend to like/love something to death and that too without a reason.

2- White shoes!! It simply reminds me of my school days. We used to wear white shoes on every Saturday and we were crazy after the whiteness of our shoes. There used to be unseen doubts about "my shoes is not that white" so we used white chalk in the class to make it whiter. Before the classes started, chalks were finished. lol 

3- The place behind the pretty girl. Awww, It is exactly like the place where my childhood friends and i used to play. Just remove that picture on the right. Everything was the same. Unbelievable. 

Last but not the least, I am always attracted by innocent smiles of grown-ups (Who isn't?). I know there are many grown up faces with innocent smiles but I thought of adding this too. It's true "A smile is contagious."

So smile,  sweets!!

What was your fav "thing/stuff" of your childhood you still remmeber?


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Tonic: Coffee for Hair

I am really fond of natural conditioners and hair tonic.

Note: Natural/Organic materials cause allergy that you may not be aware of, so you should be cautious why you get those acnes/itch sometimes.  

For example: Neem suplements, brinjal/egg plant/aubergine cause itching in some people that I know of. Gram Flour/Chickpea flour/besan cause rashes on my face for a little time (for15-20 minutes because of  (may be) the oil absorbing property of Gram Flour).

So let your hair drink coffee today.

You want:


You make:

~a strong espresso.

~If you don't have machine I'd suggest mix 4 spoons of coffee with hot water.  

~Let it cool until only warm.

~ Apply the coffee to dry hair and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.

~ See the shine, sunshines. :)

P.S. It isn't bad to use manufactured products. But it's always good to use natural products whenever you can and your time allows. The best part of natural products are they don't come with an expiry date. They have life of their own.

Happy Weekend!!


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