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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Questions: Sunscreen Lotion and Sunblock Creams

?? Do you prefer wearing you Sunscreen/sunblock over your moisturizer or under your moisturizer? Why?


i dont remember wat i have! :-s is it a sunscreen lotion or sunblock! oopz confused :-s

but i dont use it much as i dont see the sun here in holland that much :(

but i use once of clinique :-"

Though I am in India, but i always forget using my Sunscreen on purpose.. why!?! because sunscreens are darn oily and sticky... ew..

But again what would be right.. over moisturizer or under moisturizer!?! confused!!


I use Neutrogena Sunblock that dries to a matt finish so no stickiness anymore. I use a moisturiser first - let it stay on for 10 minutes then wipe off excess with a tissue & then I apply my sunblock :)

I have oily skin, so I use only the sunscreen. All sunscreens I've tried have been moisturizing enough, so that's enough. But if I had to use both, it would be moisturizer 1st & then sunscreen. It wouldn't make sense to wear the moisturizer on top of a barrier where it won't do any good.

Being an aussie girl i grew up on good ol Sunblock x

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