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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Ayur Orange & Lemon Peel Mask

Where I bought: A medical store, NOIDA

Price: Rs. 35 for 50g

What it looks like: 
Color of clay

Smells a bit chemically and strong smell of KaolinI have found this fragrance in many packs with Kaolin as an integral ingredient.

  Buy-Me Factor: * The clean lively aroma extracts of orange and lemon peel lift the spirit, dispel the sluggishness and indecision, relieves the skin *dunno what it means*

* Calming and energizing recommended for all skin types-teenage years, beauty and well-bing, reproduction year.

Active Ingredients:  Lemon: Analgesic
// Orange: invigorating and refreshing to the skin
// Kaolin: repairing effects. Kaolin has excellent absorbent qualities. These qualities are used to draw out impurities and toxins as they are electromagnetic charged and thereby clear the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollutions and other waste materials.

// Calamine: Soothing Effects
Use-Me Tips: It's a treatment mask. Good for removing tan and purifying the skin.

* Spread a thin layer after cleansing. Keep it for 5-7 minutes.
* Rub in circulatory movements. Wash off well.
* USe moisturizer twice to lubricate sking after the mask.

Expires After: Best before 12 months

What I like about it: *I get a soothing effect on my face after applying. (I use it after a tired day.)

* It has cooling properties as if you've applied mint on your face.

* It doesn't dry your face. (So, using moisturizer twice is kind of negative BUT use a nice hydrating  moisturizer or oil due to the absorbing quality of Kaolin. That absorbs the impurities, dust and extra oil on your face.)

* Since Use-me tips say that you are supposed to apply it on for 5-7 minutes, I chose it to keep in my handbag. Just in case!

I am sure many of us would prefer using face packs with soothing and cooling properties while travelling.

* Any Ayur products have never disappointed me so far but shampoo.

I still remember once I used Ayur shampoo. I was in shower and had to use one of the girl's Ayur shampoo because I ran out of my shampoo. It made my hair dry like straw. So i dread!!

What I don’t like about it: * I guess nothing about the face pack but what has been described on the tube (buy-me factors in red ). A few words don't make sense to me. (IMO)

 Indian Beauties can buy it here: Drugstores, Medical Stores

Buy it online here:

Would I buy it again: Yes, only because it's application time is 5-7 minutes and it does have soothing effects. This property is beneficial helpful for me because tireness affects my face more than my body. It shows!!

Other options to get rid of tireness on face is:
* Rose Water like Dabar Gulabari

* Splash of Cold water
*Wet Tissues
*Hydrating Sprays like Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Click here for more.




Intersting post. My skin is very sensitive so I try to stay away from mask. sometimes I just use soap and very light moisturizer

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i have an orange peel mask and i love it smell..combi or orange and lemon will be great:)

I generally avoid Ayur coz of the nonsense they tend to write on their products. I don't buy a face pack to overcome my indecisiveness, I get it to clean out my pores!

For exmaple, on their bottle of Relax & Shine Moisturiser: Enhance absorption through skin, stimulate particular risks and absorb negative reactions. LOL :D :D.. I never thght of using a moisturiser to absorb negative reactions!

I think Ayur needs to get a good branding person in place.

These products look very nice. I'll bet they smell yummy too.


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