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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to exfoliate your face mildly

Today I wanted to scrub and rub tomato on my face at the same time. I realized that you can use a little scrub on half cut tomato and rub. It won't be too harsh and I liked the after effect, mixed effects of scrub and tomato.

However, a question for experts:

Tomato is used to tighten the pores and scrub is used to remove dust and grime that means it opens the pores. Is it okay to use both at the same time the way I did? 

I really want to continue doing this. It didn't feel harsh on my face and easy to apply.


tomato removes tan and exfoliate skin suits my skin in summer the most..

Tomatoes have AHA - alfa hydroxy acids - so they help slough off the top dead cell layer gently and also are able to disolve the intracellular matrix glue that binds cells together. Basically what happens is in clogged pores the acid helps break up (over time, that is) the accumulated plug of dead cells, thereby cleaning it. I hope this helps you :)

Thank you both!! So the final verdict is I'll continue using scrub-on-tomato and then on to my face.


Hey thanks for the tip :) Im definitely going to use it as I am about to mak lunch!! ;)

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