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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Facts about the beauty rituals of celebrities - Part I

Did you know...

... that Cleopatra bathed in Donkey's milk?

... that Cindy Crawford takes Vitamin Therapy injections for her wrinkle free face and glowng skin?

... that many Bollywood and Tollywood actors wash their faces with Champagne due to its antioxidants properties and many use coffee and chocolate to work on their cellulite?

... that Goat Intestine's therapy is being used to rejuvenate the skin?

... that Many Hollywood celebrities use Emu (bird) oil for the wrinkles. Emu Oil works wonders on wrinkles.

... that Sophia Loren regularly massages her skin with olive oil?

... that Michelle Yeoh simply rinses her face with lemon juice and water?

... that Shilpa Shetty's gorgeous skin is because of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil together?

... that Yana Gupta swigs gallons of coconut water and she owes it her glowing skin?

That's all for the part I. I'll save some for Part-II

P.S. I am off to bed and won't sleep until I figure it out that this is their skin routine. The key to our happiness is definitely a decent section of natural ingredients. I really don't want to get into what the truth is but reading all this makes me happy. :)

Hope you all enjoyed!!

Source: A TOI article by Purba Dutt


I so believe in coconut oil and olive oil..have heard so much about goat milk also..and i am sure they follow these :)

Thanks for sharing the article

I have tried coconut oil and it does wonders!The only thing is it'd leave my hair oily too on the days I wasn't washing my hair,plus it needs a lot of time.
BUT,it's wonderful in winters.Apply coconut oil like half and hour before bathing to your whole body(including the face) and then wash off with your usual soap.Aah!Smooth skin!

I have heard a lot about natural remedies & I am quite a beliver in the simple healing power of natural oils :)

Thks for sharing :D

Natural remedies definitely work especially rinsing ur face with lemon water.But wen i read Goat Intestine's therapy and saw the pic of those Chweety baby goats it made me sad :(

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olive oil and coconut oil does wonders and alos coconut water is like damn good for ur skin..

where have u been long time no post!
I hope hunk is good.

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