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Thursday, October 14, 2010

ASOS and Yesstyle Satchels

I have been wanting a satchel and haven't been able to spot one in the market but online. Of ourse I am not in mood to spend 4-5 grands so still waiting for an option this month, otherwise I'll place an order online.

Satchels under $100

$67.7 = INR 3000.0

$92.68 = INR 4106.9

$50.55 = INR 2240.0

Satchels under $30:

$ 30 = INR 1329.4

$ 30 = INR 1329.4

$28.0 = INR 1240.8

Do you like Satchels?



Nice blog. I truly can relate to it because I'm a crazy headed shopaholic myself.
Wondering if you've read Sophie Kinsella's latest "Mini Shopaholic"..

Have fun shopping!


All of them are really nice. I've looking for one too for work.

I'm a very impulsive shopper, which means I buy a lot of things I end up not liking once i bring them home. So, now if I like something, I wait a total of 30 mins before deciding to buy it.

Haven't found a satchel I like yet. But the first looks really nice. I completely forgot about online shopping.

BTW, i've been reading your blog for a while and noticed your love for accessories. You should check out the forever new sale at brandmile. They have some nice pieces. I'm sure you're already a member. But just in case,

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