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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make-up Trend: Versace S/S 2011

When I was taking the daily dose of Fashion TV today, I couldn't resist catching a few shots of Versace S/S 2011 Backstage. It may be exciting for girls and guys who are into Make-up. Honestly speaking friends, I just wish I knew how to do make-up. It's always fascinating for me seeing those models, brides and you all friends getting make-up on. It's an art and believe me it can't be learnt, you know it, you have a command on it, period. "Efforts can't create Art, Art is spontaneous."

According to the make-up artist, Versace S/S 2011 is all about nude face with strong brows. Hair was pulled back neatly, as the hair stylist said.

Make-up Artist (Will update the name soon)

Pulled back hair

Guido Palau
Hair Stylist

Abbey Lee

We have seen this make-up a lot. On models? Of course why not!! But even then this look had something very fascinating. I have also sen pulled back hair on models so it can't be that too. I guess, only brows are left and strong brows are definitely giving an edge to the whole look.

Do you like this look?



It is a creative look but i don't like this look a lot.. it's too severe for me.

@ Tanvi: really!! I liked this look especially the sheen on cheeks and lips. That makes it so natural. I just wish I knew how to get this on!!


I absolutly heart the nude look...and the eyebrows trend..I dont know..maybe I will start liking it..It kinda gives a very nineties look aka pooja bhatt days :)

@ Natasha: very true!! Pooja Bhatt days and she looked darn innocent!!


Cute!! I love runway makeup - I always try to duplicate it on myself and it never turns out quite the same. thanks for the comment on my blog :) Can't wait to read your next post!!

@ VM: Thanks for visiting and leaving comment. I am so happy to see you here.


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