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Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's something about it!

I am fond of beautiful pictures like all of you and there are many pictures that remind of something or the other. Some good times and some bad times. So did this picture!! It makes me smile and takes me to my childhood times Because of three reasons:

1- This dress reminds me of my red frock (sans the bow) I loved and loved so much that i never worn but kept it "as it was". Sadly one day my mum gave it away as i had grown up and she thought that I didn't have any attachment to that frock. I was crushed and so was my mother: when she knew that that frock was always on my mind. I am really unsure why that frock was dear to me but as I have grown up more, I realize that we humans tend to like/love something to death and that too without a reason.

2- White shoes!! It simply reminds me of my school days. We used to wear white shoes on every Saturday and we were crazy after the whiteness of our shoes. There used to be unseen doubts about "my shoes is not that white" so we used white chalk in the class to make it whiter. Before the classes started, chalks were finished. lol 

3- The place behind the pretty girl. Awww, It is exactly like the place where my childhood friends and i used to play. Just remove that picture on the right. Everything was the same. Unbelievable. 

Last but not the least, I am always attracted by innocent smiles of grown-ups (Who isn't?). I know there are many grown up faces with innocent smiles but I thought of adding this too. It's true "A smile is contagious."

So smile,  sweets!!

What was your fav "thing/stuff" of your childhood you still remmeber?



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