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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marie Claire India: October 2010 (All about Wedding and Bride)

I received my copy of Mariel Claire India a week back and wanted to do a post on that. Right now, it's gonna be introduciton to this edition.

On the cover page it's Deepika Padukone.

I am not into celebrities too much that i can comment on their appearance or anything. But yes, we all have right to love or hate a celebrity. I have always had a Love/ Hate relationship with Deepika Padukone. I either love her or dislike her (considering HATE to be a strong word to use for "anything"). I really don't like her in this picture because of what this edition is all about.

This edition talks about wedding, wedding plans, wedding make-up, wedding jewellery etc. Deepika doesn't flaunt it at all (at least in this picture).

There's a picture editorial in all issues of Marie Claire India that I have always, always loved in Marie Claire issues since they launched Marie Claire India. October 2010 editorial is all about the beautiful brides and their nervousness while they are getting ready. I love the moment when a father sees his daughter getting ready as a bride, dad notices his daughter all dressed-up as a bride and that look on dad's face makes me emotional. The toguhest part of a father's life when he has to control his emotions and he is the onle who sheds tears very first int he whole ceremony . The only fact is noone notices. (This feeling brigs tears in my eyes) Will you believe that I am holding my tears while writing this down. God, I'm choked.

There's another article about "what happened on your first night"? LOL The fun part of this MC issue. The funniest was groom's friends hid clocks with alarms set for every half an hour and clocks alarmed right on time. The cutest was when bride and groom sneaked in to a hotel room after dodging their friends and relatives. (I am assuming the family wasn't conservative at all cus relatives would go bananas if newly weds would do this in India)

There's something intesresting for make-up girls. The information about the limited editions of different cosmetic brands. I really don't remember the names, I would post it as soon as I reach home.

Plus, there's a lot more that i can writie it down here.



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