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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Hunk was so scared!!

This Sunday, on the eve of Dushehra, kids were busy enjoying crackers and Ravana was busy enjoying being centre of attraction. Between all this chaos, Hunk suddenly started scratching the main door and hitting his head. I got so scared and thought that he is angry with me but understood the whole drama was because of crackers and an entry to the house.See this picture how scared he is:

He tried hiding in every nook and corner but sadly he had to settle himself on my bed's corner being the coziest and the fact - there's no corner inside my house where he could hide.

I keep Hunk outside the house because he has ticks, he bites when we try to give him a shower, and bites when we put any spray or powder on to his body. So i had no option but keeping him outside my house i.e. my terrace.

He never misses a single chance to break into the house and for that he would push you as he did with me last night. He is very intelligent and understands only Love. He would never listen to me if I scold him and shout at him. His face expressions tells on my face " You're being rude, and I am not gonna listen to what you're saying".

The funniest thing he does is eating biscuits and breads being inside the house. He wouldn't even look at the biscuits thrown outside the house as he understands that the door will be closed right after he steps outside.

If he is all lovey dovey with me then he can do "this" for hours while I am watching TV or reading:

He would touch my legs with his face and rise his hump and stay in this position until I decide to do something else. This is how he expresses his love for me. He is adorable and I wish I could provide him the care he deserves. I ain't sure why he gets angry and violent when he even sniffs the medication around. My brother has already become a victim of this while he wanted to spray on his ticks.

So I have accepted him the way he is!! Love him the way he is. :)



Hey your hunk is really intelligent..otherwise dog will go out easily if u throw biscuits outside..

as far as tick is concerned..i will let u know the name of the lotion.u use it once and they all wil be dead ..when u take him outside do not take him near to wild grasses or plants..this is wear they get the ticks..

he is chooo chweet yaar..i will come this time to Noida and you bring hunk with u..we will drink tea or coffee and talk about hunk and V :)



get him a good tick collar and got let him go into moist areas like grass. You should take him to the vet,i know a good one in noida if u want. If he gets ticjk fever it gets very bad very quick.

hahaha thanks for your comment! will do :)

If you dont train him from now to go to the vet it will always remain a big problem so the first few times u should just go with it. Its better for him to get medical attention when he needs it na rather than u not wanting him to get angry and stuff. If u think u cannot control his aggression just buy a muzzle. Its a harmless thing that goes over his mouth and is secured on his neck.It stops him from snapping. This could help on trips to the vet. Also make it a fun thing for him to go to the vet, Lure him in with a car ride or a fun walk. And reward him with a treat after the he has someting to look fwd to.
A tick collar is available at any pet shop. It s a collar that the dog must wear at all times and it has a powdery substance on it which repels ticks. Dont get it wet other wise the powder will go away and it shud be changed every3-4months.
A vet will tell u all these things.
I read u recently adopted him so i hope he`s got his shots and u`ve taken him to the vet atleast once.
He will get angry once or twice but he should be trained not to.

i just updated the reading list. see where u can buy it from:)

Just read ur comment again and i noticed it makes u sad that he gets angry. I am really concerend and thats why saying all these things so please dont take it the wrong way. But u really really need to train him and be stern with him when it comes to taking him to the vet, cos u will be sadder if he gets really sick or something. i hope u understand that im only trying to help and emphasize on whats important:)

Hes IS a street dog or was a street dog? Either way if u`ve adopted him Im sure you care a lot about him.
But if he stays outisde mostly and isnt on a leash etc then u obviously cannot control where he walks but the tick collar will definitely help.If he is fussy about baths the muzzle will help there aswell and maybe u can just take a watering pipe and bathe him with that:)
And ofcourse u can add the site. Yeah its great. It has INR prices cos it is a total indian site. Only ships in india:)

hey ur hunk looks totally adorable. reminded me of my own sweet doggy "fenny". we all used to love her soo much. she died a few years back and I dont know how much i cried over that. but somehow after she passed away we haven't bought another dog coz its so painful to actually witness death of ur loved ones :(

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

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