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Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping Tips: Get the best out of your shopping

Disclaimer: I am a shopaholic and an impulsive buyer. I never cared enough for such tips. However, these 5 tips have really helped me shopping in a healthy way, saving extra bucks and building a rapport with everyone involved with my shopping.

So, If you care enough-

1- Remember keeping the tags and bills at least for next three months.
Most of the stores would refund you or give you a store credit in case you think bought stuff is faulty.

2- Most of the stores give corporate discounts to the buyers.
You just have to check with your company for the list of the stores and the discount you’re entitled for. A famous India "company" gives 20% discounts to its employees in big stores, banks and medical stores.

3- Get the membership cards of your favorite stores.
Apart from giving you extra points that you can avail at any chosen time, you are also entitled for other benefits too; like Shoppers Stop gives free parking to its membership card holders. It really makes a difference when you have spent 4-5 hours in a shopping mall where parking fee is huge and per hour basis.

4- Be nice and honest to the Sales Staff. That means don’t beat around the bush and say what you want and what you don’t want.
They can help you get the best out of your shopping. It happens in some or the other way.

5- Being nice and polite to the Sales Staff can make them pushy.
“No thanks! I’d better see something else” said in an assertive manner would help. It would help you being un-impulsive while shopping. It's for people like me!!


Great tips girl. I find I have to do #5 a lot too :D


gr8 tips dear n i think i hv to follow the tip no. 1 ..;)

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