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Friday, October 15, 2010

Marie Claire: October 2010 (In pictures)

In my last post, I talked about the October edition of Marie Claire India. But that post lacked pictures and proper visual effect of what i wrote. I am gonna post the pictures of something that I liked and something that would fascinate all who like make-up.

The picture editorial

Here comes my favourite part!!

I can't imagine myself with a long wrap dress, may be because I think I ain't that tall. But yes, it definielty looks elegant and sexy. SO you can definitely wrap your saree on Diwali like the bottom extreme right corner, or match your brown saree with blue blouse like the model has displayed. Basically, I liked only the two of the lot.

Bohemian, I liked everything but the embroidered dress is something that is pushing me to think and think. I wanna get my own DIYed.

If you've ever noticed my side bar, a pair of leopard print ballerina flats are already in my wishlist. and i noticed that MC has also included it in their shopping list. Woohoo. Awww Satchel too...

For make-up lovers

And here comes, the Limited Edition!! I want to buy three things out of this limited collection...
1- Flower Power Cologne
2- Dupe of Dior Plum
3- Prismisseme Eyes Smokey Shimmer (because of the dots) by Givenchy

Without flash

With flash

And the best part if anyone is going to get  married, here comes the planner. Iam not sure when my bells are gonna ring but I am saving this planner until I comer across the better one and that "I doubt"

And today, I received the Elle India October 10 Edition. Guess who's behind the pink slip!?!

I have got the subscription of only two magazines. But I want to buy the subscription of as many magazines as I can... I am just too greedy.

So what did you like among all of these?



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